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Integrate advanced screening into your existing security for a safer, healthier and more flexible environment. 

Integrated Advanced Screening Solutions to Power You Forward

Keeping your staff, customers and visitors safe and secure is a top priority for every business. Today, security has come to mean so much more than physical safety, it also includes the health of the community itself. From small-town stores to large university campuses, organizations of every size are adapting to changing safety and security needs.

STANLEY Security offers a best-in-class workflow automation solution that provides threshold management, including identity lifecycle management, flexible workspace management, contact tracing, temperature screening and advanced screening. Powered by CloudGateTM, the platform helps improve operational efficiency and enforce compliance, while integrating with your existing systems. We enable organizations to increase health, safety and security, while creating a world-class experience for all who are authorized to enter your company’s physical locations.



The Advantages of Our Advanced Screening Solutions

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Integrate with Existing Technologies & Save Money

Avoid costly rip and replace activities by integrating with your existing access control and identity systems, including human resources, email and calendar, mass notification, and guest WiFi management.

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Reduce Costs & Help Enforce Compliance

Gain ROI savings and operational efficiencies by automating manual and paper driven processes (reduce administration costs and demands) all while enforcing compliance.

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Provide Faster, More Accurate Employee & Visitor Screening

Touchless kiosks enable faster, more accurate screening and provide reliable results in real-time.

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Ensure Future Flexibility With a Scalable Solution

Meet the needs of your business today and prepare for the changing needs of tomorrow with our simple, flexible and scalable solutions.

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Simplify Reporting, Dashboard & Notifications

Monitor visitors, employees and contractor’s activity in real-time and quickly notify the right individuals when a potential threat is detected – across your entire enterprise. A consolidated view of all system data across all locations is available in a single dashboard view.

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Prevent Spread of Germs & Detect Elevated Temperatures

Help prevent the spread of germs by requiring each person crossing your threshold to complete a health screening survey on their own device or using our touchless kiosk, which help avoid unnecessary physical contact and reduce the potential for an outbreak. We also provide integrated temperature screening devices to automatically detect elevated body temperatures and masks.

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Our Basic Plan Includes

  • Health survey questionnaires (and option to create any type of questionnaire)
  • Flexibility to be tailored by location
  • Flexibility to use your own device for taking health survey
  • Touchless kiosk experience 
  • Visitor activity reporting
  • Real-time notifications through email and SMS text
  • Web-based application



Our Pro Plan Includes

  • All Basic features
  • Unique workflows for employee and contractor access management
  • Physical Access Control Systems (PACS) integration
  • Web portal access supporting Single Sign-On (SSO), email notifications, alerts and analytics dashboard
  • Integrated temperature screening
  • Master dashboard detailing visitor, contractor and employee activity


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Our Enterprise Plan Includes

  • All Basic & Pro features
  • Hoteling for flexible workspace environments
  • Full Single Sign-On 
  • Unlimited employees, contractors, and visitors
  • Smart reception/mobile concierge
  • Consolidated view of all data across locations
  • Configurable workflows for visitors, employees, and contractor management processes


Why STANLEY Security?

Experts in Advanced Screening Solutions

Integrate Into Existing Technology

We understand that completely replacing your existing security system can lead to extra - and unwanted - costs. Our experts will work with you to integrate your new advanced screening devices into your existing physical security system to help your business become not only safer, but more cost-efficient as well.

Solutions Tailored to Your Requirements

Whether you’re a small retailer who needs a way to provide touchless temperature screening or a large campus facility that needs to integrate full health surveys, temperature screening and workflow management, STANLEY Security can deliver a solution tailored to your specific needs.

Helping Ensure Compliance

For those working in highly-regulated environments, our solutions enable the automation of processes helping to ensure you meet compliance regulations. Our Advanced Screening Solutions help you comply with regulations while fostering a safer, healthier and more efficient environment for all.

Our Advanced Screening Solution ensures that your known data is utilized to mandate that the correct people have the correct access at the correct time.

Advanced Screening Solutions allow you the freedom to integrate with your existing systems and use your policies and procedures to streamline efficiency with workflow automation.


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