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Increase your security efforts against concealed weapons, pandemic health threats and intruders with an AI-powered weapons and threat detection screening system.

A Proven Solution for Fast, Touchless Security Screening

One of the most effective ways to ensure the safety of your people and prevent unwanted guns from entering your facility is to screen all visitors and employees at the point of entry. Many legacy physical security screening procedures rely almost exclusively on metal detectors, hand wands and invasive bag inspections; however, these measures are quickly becoming obsolete as technology advances and the impacts of COVID-19 unfold. Avoid outdated security measures by proactively upgrading your security systems to include Evolv Technology’s touchless security screening system, Evolv Express™. Our experts at STANLEY Security will work with you to update your existing system - or build an entirely new one - to include our touchless weapons and threat detection screening option, so you can keep your people safe and healthy.

Our Results

Increasing Efficiency & Safety, Worldwide 


million people have been screened worldwide


weapons have been found


people can be screened per minute

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AI-Powered Threat Detection

A Proven, Multi-Layered Security Solution

Powered by the Evolv Cortex AI™ software platform, the system uses proprietary sensors and AI to differentiate weapons from personal items in real-time. In light of COVID-19 cautions and concerns, this ability to screen without physical contact provides you with a multi-layered approach to security - you not only provide enhanced safety for your guests and employees, but you also ensure that the right steps are being taken to preserve the health of those who enter your building or venue. 


The Advantages of Touchless Security Screening

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Fast, Efficient Screening

Seamlessly screen individuals and the bags they carry, so your security line can move forward without having to pause.

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A Hassle-Free Experience

Evolv’s technology differentiates between a gun, coins and keys, so your visitors can avoid the hassle of emptying their pockets and handbags. 

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Easy to Operate

Provide your security staff with a simple, targeted operation. Real-time image-aided alarms show exactly where the potential threat is. 

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Flexible Deployment Options

Easy to set up and move, our system can be used both indoors and outdoors. Optimize for different threat levels with five different sensitivity settings. 

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Targeted Screening

Reduce physical contact between your security staff and your employees or visitors with targeted, image-aided alarm resolution. 

A Powerful Solution

Evolv Touchless Screening, By the Numbers


Evolv Express operates 10 times faster than metal detectors for line-free screening


The AI-powered system reduces nuisance alarms by up to 85% compared to metal detectors


Optimize for varying threat levels with five different sensitivity settings

Why Stanley Security?

Experts in Touchless Security Screening

Creating a Unified Ecosystem

As with any tailored solution, there is no “one size fits all” system. Customer requirements, physical building attributes and assets can all change how our security experts will approach designing your security system. Whether your institution has an existing system already in place or you need to start from scratch, our experts will work with your in-house teams to ensure your needs are met and you have a fully integrated system.  

We’re Focused on Meeting Your Needs

Finding the right product for your business requires an in-depth understanding of the needs of your organization. Our security experts will work closely with you to learn your specific requirements and will consider your needs for scalability, functionality, features and any special requirements before proposing the most cost-effective solution. 

A Versatile Portfolio of Partners

Our knowledgable, certified security professionals have worked with clients ranging from local stores and small retail chains to Fortune 500 companies and government agencies. This range of expertise across industries gives us the experience needed to identify security issues for any type of facility, and recommend effective solutions.


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