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Visitor Management

Managing who enters and leaves your building can be quite time-consuming and costly. And without automation, you could have long wait times and a cumbersome process for your visitors, which leads to a poor experience.

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Screening Solutions

Managing and screening those who enter your building can be a time-consuming and costly process. Without automation, you could have long wait times, a cumbersome process for those entering your facility, and open yourself up to risk.

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Workspace Reservation

Navigating a hybrid workplace or  how to best utilize your facility space can be a daunting and time-consuming endeavor. Without an integrated and streamlined system providing the necessary  visibility, you could create a poor employee experience or underutilized space leaving money on the table.



The Advantages of Workplace Management Solutions

Start with one location or one hundred — Workplace management can grow as your business grows.

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Simple, Flexible & Scalable

Meet the needs of today and prepare for tomorrow with a flexible system you can scale depending on your requirements.

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Increase Visibility and Actionable Insights

Easily gain insights through dashboards and reporting on visitor, screening, and space usage analytics. 

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Reduce Liability and Risk

Streamline and automate operations with powerful analytic reporting and compliance protocols.

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Foster a Safe & Healthy Workplace

A touchless check-in and screening process for your employees, contractors, and visitors.

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Operate More Efficiently

Automate processes and workflows by eliminating paper and digitize for your hybrid workplace model.

Why STANLEY Security?

Experts in Workplace Management Solutions 


We understand that completely replacing your existing security system can lead to extra - and unwanted - costs. Our experts will work with you to integrate your workplace management solutions into your existing physical security system to help your business become not only safer and more secure, but more cost-efficient as well.


Whether you’re a small, medium, or large organization, and whether you’re looking to easily check in visitors, follow local vaccination mandates, or create an efficient hybrid workplace, STANLEY Security can deliver a solution tailored to your specific needs.


For those working in highly regulated environments, our solutions enable the automation of processes helping to ensure you meet compliance regulations. Our Advanced Screening Solutions help you comply with regulations while fostering a safer, healthier and more efficient environment for all.

“While this shift resulted from new safety protocols and regulations related to COVID-19, it will no doubt have a lasting impact on the way organizations view and use security for the foreseeable future.”

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